Social Security Disability Lawsuits

If you’re not able to work due to a prolonged injury or illness, you may be entitled to collect benefits through Social Security Disability. Unfortunately, getting the benefits you deserve is not an easy process. Most Social Security Disability lawsuits are denied.

In fact, without an experienced attorney on your side, you might never receive the benefits you’re entitled to. We can help you find the right attorney to guide you through the Social Security Disability process!

What is Social Security Disability (SSD)?

Social Security Disability is a government program setup to provide financial support for people with physical or mental impairments or disabilities that prevent them from working to support themselves and their families. To qualify for benefits your disability or impairment needs to last for a year or longer.

Social Security Disability is funded by everyone who works and pays taxes into the system. If you’ve ever had a job, you paid into the system through your social security taxes.

Who Qualifies for SSD?

You can qualify to receive benefits through Social Security Disability if you have a qualifying disability. The list of SSD qualifying conditions is quite extensive and includes illnesses and impairments under a variety of categories from cardiovascular conditions and mental disorders to speech impairment, immune system problems or illnesses that affect many of the body’s systems simultaneously.

In addition to suffering from a qualifying condition or disability, your condition must also have lasted or be expected to last more than a year.

Finally, you must be able to show that you are unable to perform the work that you did prior to your illness or disability.

There may also be qualifications based on the amount of money you earned and the amount you have earned since you became ill or disabled.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Applying for benefits through the Social Security Disability system is a legal process with many specific criteria. Most people are not familiar with the process and make mistakes when filling out necessary paperwork or providing proper documentation of their injury or condition. For this reason, over 70% of Social Security Disability claims are denied.

Having an attorney who understands the process is vital to securing the benefits you are entitled to receive. At Helping the Injured, we have relationships with top-notch attorneys who specialize in Social Security Disability cases and can guide you through the red tape.


What You Can Do Now

If you believe you have a qualifying disability that might be covered under Social Security Disability, even if you’ve filed a Social Security Disability claim and been denied in the past, you could be eligible for benefits. The only way to know for sure is to talk to a professional!